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By Salsa Dorado

This is Salsa Dorado, providing Salsa and Rueda dance instruction in El Dorado County, California. Near to Sacramento, our venues continue to grow with dedicated dancers of all ages. Many of the dance events are close to Placerville, El Dorado Hills and Folsom.

Our venues are designed to provide Salsa dance instruction in a fun and relaxed environment followed by dancing to the addicting rhythms of Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, and Bachata music. Giving dancers the opportunity to practice their moves and enjoy the social aspects of dancing Salsa. In addition to providing Salsa and Rueda dancing in our foothill community we also encourage our dancers to visit all Salsa venues in Sacramento and beyond.




At each Salsa venue, an introductory lesson is provided; we start with the Salsa basics so you can start dancing right away. Followed up with an intermediate salsa pattern to give those with Salsa dance experience a new challenge and benefit from the lesson. Then stay and practice on the dance floor!

Important Announcement

We started teaching Salsa about 10 years ago out of our desire to have fun and exciting dance events in the area that we would enjoy, with the hope that others would as well. Over the years we have been though several changes, and have always attempted to find locations to host a salsa night that works for the enjoyment of dancers as well as the venue. This year has been a challenging year in which we’ve gone from having three successful Salsa venues to none. Our current goal is to come back strong in 2017 with revived energy and new venues for our long standing Wednesday night and our outdoor Summer Friday night. Finding venues that have the elements necessary to succeed is a daunting task. It not only takes the right location, atmosphere and ambiance but it also requires owners who are enthusiastic about allowing us to host Salsa at their restaurant.

We are also thankful for YOU our dedicated Salseras and Salseros who continue to support our salsa community because in the end that is what salsa dancing creates, a community. Creation of new friendships and shared laughter is but a few of the wonderful bi-products of salsa dancing. We hope that you will understand our decision to postpone finding a new venue until next year.

Stephen & Randy

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